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is not like your typical brand.

Not just another lifestyle brand, nor another way of life, nor another logo on a t-shirt. 

For us, it's simple:

BLUNTS & KICKS is all about celebrating & curating your best high experience.

With BLUNTS & KICKS, it's all about the

Good Vibes & Fun Times!

(It's all we ever wanted.. Who doesn't, right?)

Let's rewind a bit & take a look at the journey that brought us here:

It's 2009 when the name BLUNTS & KICKS is coined by a group of friends from Montreal, Canada after combining two of their pastimes - fly kicks & getting high.

The purpose was to create a platform to showcase their way of living, but it quickly grew into a collective with a shared state of mind.

From chill sessions & loft parties, to printing t-shirts & slinging merch out the trunk on Boxing Day, the passion project turned lifestyle brand attracted people from all walks of life, sparking a grassroots movement like no other.

Fast forward to today and the BLUNTS & KICKS VIBE is what we're all about. Our VIBE is the ambiance to set the tone for your high experience. We've created & carefully curated our VIBE, and now we want you to be a part of it!

Whether you're looking to chill or turn up, BLUNTS & KICKS is here to help orchestrate the process.

So if you're about Good Vibes & Fun Times...

Kick Back & Let The Good Times Roll!

Subtle yet bold, BLUNTS & KICKS has a distinct style & approach when it comes to the design of our products. With inspiration from hip-hop culture & streetwear fashion, we play on motifs with minimal detailing. 

We focus on creating quality products with 3 things in mind: 

Comfort, Style & Functionality


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